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Use awesome Lapis Lazuli for expansive crystal healing

In this article the astounding uses and claimed healing powers of the beautiful blue Lapis Lazuli crystal mineral are explored and revealed.

Michelangelo was an Ultra Marine

Lapis lazuli is not a mineral like quartz is for instance. It is a mixture of mineral elements formed together to create what is known as a feldspathpoid silicate mineral. These hard to pronounce minerals occur in rare and unique igneous rocks, ones that do not contain any quartz at all.

Hence the rarity as quartz is the most abundant and diverse mineral on the planet.

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The most important and prominent elemental part that makes up a lapis lazuli stone is the mineral lazurite which is also combined with calcite and pyrite. Lazurite is the pigment that gives lapis lazuli it’s deep blue colour. Mined stones have been known to range in colour based on the lazurite content from deep blues (like the ones we currently have in stock) to ultramarine all the way to forest green.

It has been used as an alternative pigment for oil paint because of it’s deep ultramarine colour which was expensive to produce. This was most famously utilised by the artist Michelangelo who has also been known to use malachite in his palette of colour.

Are budding, buddhist actors helped by holding onto holistic crystal healing harmoniously?

Buddhists believe that this stone can bring peace from negativity, self doubt and the nagging self-commentary that can hold one back in attaining goals and alleviating fear. Known to assist (IIRC) with memory problems and for accessing higher sources of knowledge.

This stone can be recommended for use for anyone with a journalistic slant because it aids with the process of learning, understanding and (hopefully most importantly?) the search for truth (not a prerequisite for journalism).

Budding actors may desire a piece of this around their neck for use at any auditions they attend as it is claimed this stone can bring the wearer success and recognition in this field.

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Eyes eased as easily as I see the letters A.B.C. which rhymes with Lapis Lazuli?

Eye infections ranging from a general oozy-ness to a full blown build-up of ‘sleep’ (gunky stuff discharged from the eyes overnight while asleep) can be soothed by placing the stone in hot water and leaving it to cool.

When the water is cooled to a temperature that would not burn or scold using the water as a soothing eye bath. Please take extra care if doing this as hot water direct to the eyes can cause unnecessary scolding. A fear of heights can also be aided by owning and wearing a piece of lapis lazuli by keeping owners nearer to the ground.

Lapis lazuli can be of particular benefit to women experiencing menstrual pain or irregularities including cramps and stiffness to joints and to the back.

Beat the bottleneck blockage  

This stone can be an aid to rebalance the chakras of the body. It focuses on the throat chakra which if is blocked can affect all of the other chakras and the flow of energy throughout the body is then halted.

Meaning an over build up of the energy flowing from the lower chakras can bring over stimulation to the heart and sacral chakras, which even though in theory having lots of energy around the heart chakra sounds great if there is a build up of these energies it can be overwhelming, over stimulating and leaves powerful energies without a outlet.

By balancing the chakras and allowing energies to flow from the root, sacral and heart chakras through the throat chakra, free expression of truth and meaning follows.

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Meta-meanderings mastering the mighty mind mechanics

If laid on the third eye position of the body and used with a meditation lapis lazuli can aid the user to explore dream interpretation and spiritual journeying. It has been used for practicing astral travel and contacting the higher spiritual realms for centuries.

Using this technique and as an aid in meditation practitioners over the ages have reported being transported to ancient civilisations and connecting with past lives. Metaphysically this stone can be useful when used as a form of protection that can block psychic attack and return negative intention, vibration and energies back to the originator.

An honourable, placid, truth stone that deep blue colour has been widely associated with royalty and is a useful teacher of humility and humanitarian efforts. Makes one sensitive to the needs of others and develop a charitable, compassionate nature adding to the many benefits of lapis lazuli ownership.

Lapis lazuri as an elemental energy is closest linked to water. Like water it purifies, has a stillness and harnesses the ever changing circle of life energy. Lapis lazuli has an incredibly broad spectrum in healing abilities and attributes. A fantastic stone to add to any and all holistic healing collections.

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Please note as with all of the crystal, mineral, fossils or healing stones sold on this site and as specified in the terms and conditions and the disclaimer that for the treatment for serious medical conditions it is advised that professional, conventional, medical advice be sought and followed.  

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