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Smudging is an extraordinarily effective technique that brings harmony to the home in 9 simple steps

Smudging is a technique that can be used dispel negative energies and allow a connection with something wiser, more intelligent and kinder to come through and aid those seeking spiritual enlightenment and guidance.

Science, like hindsight and Tigger is a wonderful thing

Technological advancements can make our lives so much easier and allows what you are reading now to occur. We have in our hands, in our homes and in every part of our developed society things that kings would take an entire nation to war to possess as little as just a few centuries ago. As society advances and our understanding of how the world works and what makes the universe tick increases, the knowledge and wisdom of ancient traditions slips further from the public lexicon.

A lot can be gained by the traditions of our forefathers and who is to say that some of the things that scientific understanding and scientists claim as ‘woo wah’ is not just outside of what science has yet to explain? Can the universe and all of its complexities be comprehended, unravelled and measured from the confines inside it?

Be mindful of a full mind

One of the greatest assets of the scientific process is the ability to completely alter a theory based on new or emerging evidence. An example of this is with meditation with some of the earliest documented evidence recorded up to 5000 BCE. For thousands of years the benefits of meditation were known and accessed. It has only really been accepted and used as a potential medical aid starting in the 1970’s which may have been partly kick started by Liverpudlian music deities the Beatles on their meeting with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and firing transcendental meditation (a form of meditation where a phrase of no linguistic meaning is repeated in the mind) into popular culture.

Fast forward to today and meditation and mindfulness is a part of conventional therapy with scientific research resulting in tangible, measurable evidence of the many benefits that a regular practice can provide.        

Blurred Lines?

The focus of this guide is a ceremony or ritual called smudging. This is the practice of burning herbs (usually sage) that it is said to dispel of negative energy, spirits and protect the space in which you inhabit. To do this a form of dried sage or smudge stick will be required. 

This technique is simple and can be harnessed as a powerful clearing tool that can open the way to further spiritual practices such as divination via scrying and dowsing with a pendulum protected from interference from negative energies in and about the home and person.

In addition to this sage smoke is a very pleasant aroma and is as well as the metaphysical uses makes a great deodoriser!

Other items that can assist with finding that place where these techniques can be used most effectively are; candles for a softer, atmospheric lighting and incense either in the form of essential oils in an oil burner that is gently heated or by using incense sticks to instil calm and prepare the area that these techniques are to be practised in.

Having your own personal protective crystals to hand such as amethyst, smokey quartz, labradorite, black tourmaline or obsidian is also welcomed.  

smudge sticks pack

Before embarking on any spiritual practice it is always a good idea to prepare yourself and the area that this is to take place in. Let go of the pressures of the outside world and find a place of calm. A brief meditation can assist with this after the candles and incense have been lit. While meditating imagine yourself surrounded by white protective light and gently ask for protection from infinite intelligence.

Turn off all electronic devices and try and find a time when you won’t be disturbed for the duration. If an emergency arises that needs your attention, do not worry, you can leave or stop at any time and nothing that is about to be described will make you unable to respond to anything any differently than if you were not partaking in them.

Smudging has been used for centuries in Indigenous Native American traditions and Feng Shui as a means of dismissing unfavourable energies that collect and are stored and also to protect from outside influences that can interfere with a harmonious home.

Purify before you scry

Smudging before and after one of the other practices mentioned on the blog can not only remove anything in the spiritual realm that has been brought into the home but can also bring calm and purify the body if insight has left a stale and bad taste in the mouth, so to speak. To perform this before embarking on one of the divination techniques allows the practitioner to do so with a blank canvas and prevents any adverse influence to soil the results.

It is claimed to be good practice to smudge once a week for a place of busy dwellings although smudging at least several times a year should suffice for most homes though as often as needed is totally okay.

It would be remiss not to mention that we are handling something that is burning and great care should be taken when smudging. A metal crucible or shell to burn the sage in is essential as well as having something on hand to extinguish such as a bowl with sand or water in. Some claim smudging is dangerous but if safety precautions are made (something to extinguish it with) and if certain steps are followed it is a very safe practice indeed. 

Please be aware the smoke from smudging can and will set any smoke detectors off so precaution should be taken when around them. Although the smoke from a smudge stick is harmless and of a very pleasant aroma please ensure adequate ventilation in the place that is to be smudged.


Negativity won’t budge? Smudge

To smudge your home, body and space complete the following steps.

  1. Before smudging your home it is best to clear your body. Move to the room furthest from the main (busiest) entry way into the building, room or space. Whatever is considered the back of the house.
  2. Take deep breaths and focus your attention on calm loving energy and intention. Do this for at least five repetitions.
  3. Holding the smudge stick in hand and making sure to have something nearby to extinguish and also a crucible to place the smudge stick in go ahead and light the end using matches or a stationary candle. If the smudge stick catches flame blow it out or gently wave the stick to extinguish the flame and allow the embers to glow. Place the smouldering smudge stick into the crucible and allow the smoke to develop.
  4. Starting from the soles of your feet waft the smoke from the crucible over the body, working upwards past the legs, groin, torso, chest up to above the head. Cup the hand to direct the smoke onto and up and away from the body as if brushing something away. If working with a partner or other people be sure to smudge each other and not oneself. This act should be done in gratitude for their participation and love for their being and protection.
  5. Starting at the lowest corner start wafting the smoke towards the front entrance to the room or area paying particular attention to high corners and around window seals and doorways. Start low and work up from back to front holding love, light and protection to heart as you work your way through the home.
  6. As you pass from room to room holding a loving intention or repeating a simple prayer or mantra such ‘this is a place of love, light and joy, no negative energies can dwell here’ or whatever repeating phrase that seems to fit your own personal needs. The important part is that is is of the highest good in intent.
  7. Continue to drive with your hand the smoke towards the main entrance, slowly and purposefully throughout the entire house. When reaching the front door or entrance of the building pay particular attention to the edge of the door. Place the crucible on the floor in front of the door and hold in your minds eye only love and those with positive intent are able to pass through. Picture the door as an impenetrable barrier to negativity.
  8. Pick up the crucible and again while remaining at the main entrance to make sure all participants are cleared by smudging as outlined in step 4.
  9. Completely extinguish the smudge stick taking extra care to ensure it is out before leaving it.

With the area cleansed it is ready to be lived in. Free of the negative build up of emotion, intent and spiritual influence. Remain grateful for the blessings in your life and be confident that only love light and joy can exist there. 

Smudging is a preparatory traditional clearing ceremony, burning sacred herbs to allow joy to flourish that anyone can do using some inexpensive elements.

Happy smudging!

Please note as with all of the crystal, mineral, fossils or healing stones sold on this site and as specified in the terms and conditions and the disclaimer that for the treatment for serious medical conditions it is advised that professional, conventional, medical advice be sought and followed.  

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