Smokey Quartz w. Spharalite


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    Name : Quartz

    Composition : Silicon Dioxide

    Mineral Class : Mineraloids

    Hardness : 7

    Crystal System : Trigonal

    Chakra : Root

    Astrological Sign : Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio

    Physical Issues : Night Terrors, Pain, Headaches, Abdomen

    Emotional Issues : Stress, Resentments, Depression

    Healing : Warts, Infertility, Feet

    Spiritual Issues : Aura Clearing, Aura Protection, Balanced Yang, Base Chakkra

    Name : Spharalite

    Composition : Zinc, Lead, Zinc Sulphide

    Mineral Class : Sulphides

    Hardness (Moh’s) : 3.4 – 4

    Crystal System : Isometric

    Chakkra : Third Eye, Crown, Star

    Astrological Sign(s) : Sagittarius, Scorpio

    Physical Issues : Prevents Nervous Exhaustion, Fatigue & Boosts Immune System

    Emotional Issues : Releases Rage

    Healing : Stamina, Overall Energy, Eyes

    Spiritual Issues : Grounds & Energises

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Beautiful Smokey Quartz with Spharalite from Madagascar

Please be aware these crystals can be brittle and fragments may come loose or break off in the packaging while in transit. These crystals can have sharp edges and every care should be exercised when handling them to avoid injury.

Photograph = @TAMBO

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Weight 940 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 18 cm
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