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Powerful crystal meanings and uses of vibrant stones Labradorite & Spectrolite

Labradorite is a unique stone to hold and view because when changing the angle at which it is viewed it displays a change of colour. For traditional Labradorite like those found in Canada or the majority that is mined in Madagascar these colours range from blue to grey to green.

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Spectrolite is a rare form of Labradorite that is only found in only two mines on earth. What makes Spectrolite different from Labradorite is the colours it produces when moved around in the light.

Spectrolite could be considered a sort of brand name. First implemented by the Finnish government when this form of Labradorite was thought to only be found in mines in Finland. Similar Labradorite has been found, however, displaying the same spectrum of colour in Madagascar. The name added to Labradorite with a larger spectrum of colours has remained. 

Let’s look at the light

The effect of the colour of an object changing based on angle of light and observer is called iridescence. To imagine this to those unfamiliar, try and picture how the colour on the surface of a soap bubble changes as it floats past. A soap bubble therefore is iridescent. A peacocks feather is another example. The colour changes as the bird moves. It is produced by microstructures that interfere with the light and make a visible change to the perceived pigment.

The iridescence particular to the crystal Labradorite is referred to as labradorescence. The word lustre is used to describe the way light reacts on the surface of rocks or gemstones. In the German language there is a word Shiller that translates as ‘colour-play’ and is used to refer to the ‘metallic’ lustre of stones such as Labradorite and Moonstone. So Labradorite has a shiller lustre of iridescence called Labradorescence. Spectrolite has a richer palette of Labradorescence. 

Spectrolite was named by the geologist that first discovered it, Aarne Laitakari, in the Ylaama mines in Finland. It has been adopted as a sort of trade name that should only be applied to gemstone quality Labradorite with a rainbow spectrum Labradorescence found in Finland. Spectrolite is considered a semi-precious gem whereas Labradorite is not. It has been thought that this type of Labradorite was indeed only found in Finland. This isn’t strictly true though as similar stones have been found in mines in Madagascar that the name has been applied to. Is it possible to apply a trademark to a stone?

Regardless, for the sake of this article I will be referring to Spectrolite as the dark gemstone with a rainbow Labradorescence.

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The science of iridescence is not irrelevant or malevolent

What causes the iridescent effect of colour change when moving the Labradorite or Spectrolite in a light source? Teeny weeny layers at the surface that catch and bounce light expressing to the eye the nature at which the light reflects and the size of our retinas. “Wow!, to produce that, these layers must be really small, huh?”

Good question, thanks for asking. Well, yeah, so small in fact that they do not appear under a microscope. To quote the words of the mineralogist Ove Balthasar Bøggild who first coined the term ‘labradorescence’ to describe this phenomena, he stated that these layers are so small they can not be expressed by, and I quote; “simple indices”. Meaning they are that small that they can not have a determinable position of orientation.

Because of this, photons of light bounce over them and split and mix the colours from the available spectrum of visible light in ways our eyes have not evolved to properly decode or interpret. The waves of light are broken and rejiggled together to create a variety of colours. Put in another way; eyes to see and brains to decode light  were invented before labradorite and it’s light and colour gymnastics display was discovered.

The birds and the bees-knees in 1983?

Just as a quick side note before moving on and purely because it is my hope you find this stuff interesting, in the animal kingdom biologists are yet to agree as to why iridescence in certain animals does occur and what its evolutionary purpose would be?

It was often claimed for determining sex and therefore a mate, think putting on your 80’s day-glo clothes and a load of sparkly, enticing jewellery and wrapping a few neon glow sticks round the top of your head before popping down the local Weatherspoon’s on a Friday night. You would certainly attract attention.

Other biologists argue that the visual effect is merely a side effect of the effectiveness of say the wing of a butterfly or the scales of a fish.

Another idea comes in the form of evading predators. The bright flashes dazzle the approaching, hungry, would be assailant giving the prey time to escape, think putting on your 80’s day-glo clothes and a load of sparkly enticing jewellery and wrapping a few neon glow sticks round the top of your head before popping down the local Weatherspoon’s on a Friday night. You would certainly distract attention. 

This heading is false. Which is true?

You could call it a stone of illusions. Which would be slightly ironic considering that, as we move into what metaphysical and energetic healing properties that labradorite, and therefore, spectralite as well, also possesses, is the fact that using these stones is said to emanate the energetic frequency that allows the user or owner to be able to see through lies, falsehoods and illusions.

Fake news need not apply if you find yourself in possession of either of these marvels.

If using one of these stones for healing then again somewhat ironically the physical areas that benefit most from ownership of either labradorite or spectralite is the eyes and brain. Maybe through continued exposure and use the eyes and brain will evolve to be able to see down to the microscopic level to be able to properly interpret the movement and diffusion of light that occurs when interacting with it? This is however pure conjecture on this author’s part. Please omit the proceeding sentence.

It is said that through using one or both of these stones it is possible to improve and strengthen intuition and imagination and as an added, welcomed bonus to all of these aforementioned it also can reduce stress and alleviate anxiety.

Physically it is also a useful tool to finding inner balance of hormonal and internal biological chemical systems such as metabolism and blood pressure as well as offering some relief from menstrual pains and irregularity.

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Time for a disclaimer from dis claimer

At this point it is worthy of a reminder that this is in no way a miracle cure for any ailment and by holding one in the hand all of a sudden after a dramatic flash of light you are healed.

Like everything to gain some of the energetic benefits of using crystals for healing it requires repetition, commitment and effort.

We would not like to be misunderstood on this point and of course for serious prolonged illness or injury the first port of call should always be a professional medical practitioner. We would never promote crystal healing above this despite what our individual opinions, experiences or beliefs are as from experience we understand that this work requires time and is not for everyone.

For those willing to proceed with all that taken into account it is important to understand that crystals in and of themselves are not healers. They are a representation of a certain frequency in what we as humans refer to as physical reality.

All matter that we experience (and the absence of it) is made up of differences and changes of vibrational frequency. Wavelengths of light that make up quantum particles within atoms vibrate at a certain rate, they interact and interpolate with other perhaps differing vibrating quantum particles to combine with and layer upon to create the physical realities we observe and experience of substance, form and matter.

Vibrational frequencies of certain crystals when integrated with ours, as human, chemical, biological beings can initiate a change to match or resonate with these frequencies that allow our own healing or changes to occur through an alignment of resonance.

The power to heal, it is said, is found within us.

Crystals may be used as tools for those who wish to put in the work to align with the frequencies that may unlock or amplify what is present within us to allow for healing. With that being said and accepted how could we put a labradorite or spectrolite to help us go deeper vibrationally to invite healing?

I intended to write a heading and so it is written

The first way is to know what it is you want and to set a specific intention based on realistic possibilities.

If, for instance, your wish is to improve your intuition then setting an intention would be as simple as holding and repeating in the mind the words to that effect or imagining a scenario where an improved intuition would be used as yourself as the one experiencing it.

Be grateful and accept this has been achieved and proceed as if this has already happened.

Keep the stone in the home or worn as a piece of jewellery as a reminder of this intention which can strengthen the effectiveness of the frequency alignment.

Meditation is a powerful tool that can also be used for quieting the mind’s chatter and allowing vibrational changes to occur.

There are those that perform rituals and create grids for what they believe are greater effects if you wish to delve deeper into different methods.

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For beginners, however, we would recommend the following:

For serious medical conditions of course it is vital to visit a qualified medical professional.

All the while having realistic expectations, setting that intention mentally while holding the stone in the hand with eyes closed and after this remaining grateful and accepting that this has happened while keeping the stone either about the person in the form of wearable jewellery or on display around the home.

Whatever your beliefs, a piece of spectralite or labradorite makes an astonishing impression on those that come into contact and view it and reasons for this are fascinating geological oddity.

Please note as with all of the crystal, mineral, fossils or healing stones sold on this site and as specified in the terms and conditions and the disclaimer that for the treatment for serious medical conditions it is advised that professional, conventional, medical advice be sought and followed.  

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