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Using petrified wood to quiet the mind brings these unexpected benefits

Why do hippies hug trees?

Have you ever wanted to know why so called ‘tree huggers’ live up to their namesake and get groovy with the life veins of our Mother Earth? What’s their game then? Well, if you were to hold one of our beautifully polished Petrified Wood pieces in your hand then you’ll know.

There is a grounding, connected, intelligent energy that emanates from these wonderful stones. Hey, you may even be tempted to give ‘tree hugging’ a go yourself, and why not, eh?

A great piece to carry with you for its ability to ground the owner with the spirit of Gaia and the essence of Mother Earth. You’ll need your coat with the extra big pockets to hold these beauties though, as the Petrified Wood stones we occasionally have in stock are larger than is usually found in ones’ pockets.

Image of underside of Indonesian Petrified Wood with the background removed

When thinking of the attributes of a tree words such as ‘tall’, ‘solid’ and ‘strong’ spring to mind. Owners of Petrified Wood find that these stones brings great core strength, valuable insight into past issues through meditation and help with maintaining a rigid moral ‘backbone’.

Petrified Wood? Is it good?

Along with this they are, as I am sure you would agree, achingly beautiful to look at and a joy to own. So, I hear you ask, where do the colours come from? Is it real wood? Can I fix a fence panel with one of these? The answers to these questions are as follows: read on for more details; it was wood at some point within the last twenty five million years and no, probably not!

Image of Petrified Wood with the background removed

Petrified Wood was once a tree, minding its own business in a forest or wooded area or such like when at some point it became fossilised. This could be because of geological changes and the sample became submerged in soil, preserved in water where the piece remained dormant long enough for it to become a stone. This didn’t occur overnight, let me tell you. It took a lot longer than that. A lot longer!

What happened was this, while the wood was remaining dormant all still and preserved in the soil or water not really up to much a process began called petrification, petrifaction or silicification. This takes place over a few million years (I said it was longer than overnight,) silicification is where liquid silica (quartz) slowly oozes into the wood and replaces the vegetation of the wood and turns it to stone as it solidifies. Cool!

Colours of the rain-though?

The differing coloured bands within the visible rings and shapes of the what once was wood take on the colour because of what mineral is drawn from the exterior environment. The black sections are where water mixes with carbon. Red/brown areas are likely due to a mix of iron and oxygen to permeate into an iron oxide. The green blue bits, these are due to deposits of cobalt and chromium the latter of which can have aqueous properties and funnily enough is used in wood preserving paint.

I know this because it says it does on the tin. Manganese present in Petrified Wood stones is represented by a pink or yellow colour. There are other colours and oxygenated elements that can be found within an Petrified Wood stone such as copper and quartz. The quantities and saturation of what makes up the stone will depend on the elements present at the place of fossilisation based on geographical location.

Close up side image of Petrified Wood with the background removed

Apart from owning a beautiful piece of natural history, what metaphysical, spiritual and healing effects can we expect from owning a piece of Petrified Wood, or Petrified Wood from anywhere in the world? Great question, thanks for asking! As has been already discovered this stone may have taken millions of years to transform into the stone pictured with this article. One thing this stone doesn’t do is rush. Petrified Wood doesn’t do things ‘in a hurry’.

Time is of the present

Owners of Petrified Wood can expect to develop a patience and tolerance for things to unfold in their own time. This also rings true for those who wish to use Petrified Wood as an aid to meditation. It is said that by using these stones to assist with meditation one can access the Akashic Records. Doing so can open the meditator to great wisdom and knowledge from past lives and may assist in unravelling deep seated issues that have been ingrained since childhood. The lessons these wonderful, insightful stones brings does come over time.

This isn’t a quick fix.

They work very slowly in the background.

They work by examining the past, encompassing historical difficulties (addiction, anxiety & low self esteem) and current problems (relationships, fear, anger, depression, lack) working back aided by the Akashic Records to present an holistic account of exactly where these deep seated emotional manifestations originated.

The time it takes helps build a full understanding and acceptance around lifelong struggles and negative behaviour. It’s a slow cooker of the ingredients we already have to hand.

On a physical level, because of the encapsulation of time with these stones, Petrified Wood works great for anyone experiencing age related issues such as hip and back problems, rheumatism and arthritis. It has also been accredited to increase vitality. Like all of the stones, crystals and healing products found on the find your crystal page. These products should be used in addition to and never in place of conventional medicinal practices.

Image of Indonesian Petrified Wood with the background removed

Petrified Wood resonates with the Sacral Chakra which serves to assist longevity and health of the gallbladder and liver. It is also a protector. A solid, grounding, patient teacher of truth that will astound and amaze anyone who is in possession of one. It should help with issues with the spine & nervous system.

I think I’d rather like just a solid polished block of it for a chair one day..

That’s not too much to ask is it?

Please note as with all of the crystal, mineral, fossils or healing stones sold on this site and as specified in the terms and conditions and the disclaimer that for the treatment for serious medical conditions it is advised that professional, conventional, medical advice be sought and followed.  

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