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Can crystals be used for pain relief?

Crystals are not to be used in place of proper medical advice, but as extra aids. A bit like using a cast for a broken leg as well as your painkillers for the pain. Bad analogy, but you get the point!

Image of Aqua Aura Quartz with background removed
Aqua Aura Quartz

To me all crystals are all round healers and it’s hard to get it wrong, if in doubt pick up a stone! There are some exceptions to that rule, but they all have specialist areas.

Today I met a lady I know who had an operation recently and I felt an urge to give her the only stone I had on me, a blue polished piece of kyanite. Not necessarily the first go to stone for pain, but it’s still not a bad all round first aider. I wouldn’t usually be the person to recommend kyanite for pain as I recommend it to everyone for aligning the chakras, for connecting to ones higher self, for an aid in healing personal communication problems, a biggy for me with my verbal dyspraxia.

I nearly always have a bit and often give it away, but it’s not my pain stone. It is a physical healer though so it left me today!

Image of Seraphinite with background removed

My go to for pain generally though is green or pink. Pink or lavender rose quartz, or amethyst or ametrine – think ametrine even sounds like an analgesic. My best pain stones though are malachite or green quartz. I have a form of rheumatism and I try to remember to have any green rock, black tourmaline, clear quartz and kyanite on me. Just very small stones for the pocket, and I try to remember to wash them under a cold tap at least once a day. I swap them around and allow them to work on me on different levels.

Image of Rose Quartz with background removed
Rose Quartz

My bit of malachite is amazing, it’s only about a square inch bit, triangular and round, has rings in it and a tiny 2mm wide see through centre. I showed a lady on a crystal stall once and she threw it down in horror saying it caused her great pain just to touch it. I was quite embarrassed.

Always cleanse your stones in water, most of them really do absorb not just our pains but also the other psychic gunk! No need to accidentally pass them pains and tears on like colds!

I have a large bit of rose quartz I’ll put in my bath with a Lush bath bomb every few months. I really feel it allowing me to rest, which is not a thing that comes naturally to me. Relax and some of the stresses causing aches can be relieved.

These are just my first go to choices for immediate relief. For more complicated problems I’ll consult my friend Johnna, or my Mothers notes.. and what a lot of complex problems I got given! How about you?

We have a few nice quartz’s here.. hold them, rub them on aches, wave them over painful areas even, experiment and often..

Image of Quartz with background removed

We wish your pains away.

Please note as with all of the crystal, mineral, fossils or healing stones sold on this site and as specified in the terms and conditions and the disclaimer that for the treatment for serious medical conditions it is advised that professional, conventional, medical advice be sought and followed.  

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