Natural Citrine is one of my personal favourites.

Image of Citrine crystalI’m talking about real natural citrine & not the heat-treated stones, which is actually heat-treated amethyst. Real citrine is a bit more expensive and I do prefer everything about it, the little extra expense is worth it to me. To me, amethysts are wonderful stones in their own right, purple should never be messed with in my very humble, and probably slightly snobby opinion!

In it’s natural form it is a pale clear slightly yellow, beige or brown form of quartz that often has rainbowy inclusions. It’s a good one for the window ledge or where natural light will hit it. I sometimes just sit staring into it looking at little worlds from my imagination.

Close up peak edge of CitrineCitrine is a good all-rounder. They say it’s a stone of will, creativity and imagination, for manifestation. It’s soul warming, physically energising and stimulates us mind-body-soul, much in the way I find in yoga, feeling the suns rays soak through us from crown to toe when doing the sun-beam-staple to the ground one. Citrine wakes us up, and so in turn we wake up our inner potentials.

Close up side image of CitrineIt’s a great stone to have about the place. It keeps the vibe clear, it doesn’t absorb negative energy. It helps one to work through problems as equations to be solved rather than crises & chores. It keeps us positive through draining times. It doesn’t need to be cleansed – although I personally do any way because I don’t want it to feel left out. I am that sort of a childish thinker! All my stones are little beings to me!

From a healing point of view it’s a really good one that I use for my own health problems which are quite ridiculous. I have bad genes (apologies to my parents, but it’s true) and I do use the citrine a lot for self healing. I have a large one, that must be about half a kilo in weight & sometimes when I sit of my sofa for a rare treat meditating, I just rest it on my sternum for ten minutes. I do see slow subtle changes in my health, as when I meditate with this, it brings to mind a bit of clarity what I might or might not be doing right with my life style choices at any one time.

From a spiritual or magick point of view it’s known as the Merchants Stone. Upon hearing this I spent all of my money on 8 small pieces and they are around my home, so far I have managed to accumulate enough to start a business. I think this not a bad start! I gave half those pieces away, I desperately need the good karma – Giving other people a stone to bring them good health and wealth has surely got to hold me in some good stead?

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