Large Garnet Bracelet


Chipped Crystal Tanzanite pieces with metal beads fitted to a one size fits all elasticated band

For properties of Tanzanite please see the More Information tab below

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Weight 62 g
Dimensions 9.2 × 3 × 1.1 cm

Horoscope sign


Large Garnet stones attached to an elasticated band to wear and benefit from the healing properties throughout the day.

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    Name : Garnet

    Composition : Silicon Dioxide w. Inclusions

    Mineral Class : Silicates

    Hardness (MoH’s) : 6.5 – 7.5

    Crystal System : Isometric

    Chakra : Root Crown

    Astrological Sign(s) : Aquarius

    Physical Issues : Stimulates Metabolism, Purifies Blood, Regenerates DNA

    Emotional Issues : Alleviate Bad Dreams, Strengthens Survival Instinct, Enhances Self Esteem

    Healing : Aids Sexual Potency, Expands Awareness 

    Spiritual Issues : Self Confidence, Removes Taboos, Commitment