Agate Pendant with Macram­é Necklace


Macramé Adjustable Necklace with Agate pendant hand made by Lou Tinsley

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Weight 13.09 g
Dimensions 4.2 × 2.7 × 0.9 cm

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Agate cut and polished stoned that has been hand crafted into a pendant and necklace. The necklace has been lovingly and expertly made using the art of macram­é which is the practice of tying small knots for function and decoration. The necklace has been ingeniously designed to be fully adjustable by pulling the sides gently to fit over the head and pulling the drawstrings to adjust to fit.

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    Name : Agate

    Composition : Silicon Dioxide

    Mineral Class : Silicate

    Hardness (MoH’s) : 7 

    Crystal System : Trigonal

    Chakra : Root

    Astrological Sign(s) : Capricorn

    Physical Issues : Bones, Joints

    Emotional Issues : Anger, Conflicts, Frustration

    Healing : Sinus, Stutters

    Spiritual Issues : Meditation, Calming