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How are Thyme Keepers products sourced and are they vegan friendly?

All our products and packaging have been as ethically sourced as it is possible to do so for the environment, and resources used in their production and disposal. Everything we use in the office, the products themselves and the packaging of our products is vegan friendly containing no animal products. The only caveat to this is the parcel tape we use to package the boxes when sending items out to you.

We cannot guarantee this to be free from glue made from animal products. If anyone can advise us on vegan packing tape please get in touch and we will be grateful for the heads up!


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Are crystals for you?
What is a crystal?
Why and how do crystals work?
Which crystals can I use for physical issues?
Which crystals can I use for emotional issues?
Which crystal could I use for spiritual issues?
Are there different crystal techniques?
Do crystals have different healing properties?
How do I choose a crystal?
Which are the safest and best methods to clean my crystals?
How do I cleanse my crystals?
How do I dedicate my healing crystal and how do I attune myself to their energy?
How do I program, activate and charge my crystal?

Are Crystals for you?

Do you like crystals? Are you open to the healing energy of stones? Are you interested in what this great planet has hidden in the crust?  Either you like them or you are not bothered.  If you like them then great, if not there is no problem.  For me it’s a bit of both.  I love the stones as beautiful and or interesting geological mineral specimens.  I also love them to sit on my shelves but I also feel the benefits of their strange energies helping along on my frequencies.

What is a Crystal?

Crystals are simply minerals that come from the planet earth, or even other planets.  They are like anything else, made up from chemicals with varying hardness, shape, with molecules & atoms shoved together to create a thing for our enjoyment and other uses!

Why and how do Crystals work?

Crystals emit frequencies, that work in clocks, watches and computers.  They work on us too.  You do not need to believe all of this but if you do not, please stop listening to your radio, it does not work anymore!  Joking aside, they work on a very subtle energy, the scientists have not managed to prove this yet, so until they do, many people will not believe.  I don’t question it myself, I have felt them, which is lucky for me.  Perhaps it is all just a matter belief?  Who knows?  I hope one day we can find out.

Which crystals can I use for Physical Issues?

Bear with me on this one. I’m of the belief that all things work for something.. Drink water, breath air, we use poisons to kill, we extract oil to run cars, we even use the poo for crops!  Thousands and millions of years of condensing and compressing the oil, poo, water, air and dead things like trees, humans, insects, fish & other beasts create rocks & minerals of as many various types as there are species of things.. Probably!

Probably not too far off.  One mineral further condensed for a million years turns into a different type and add water some millenia later and hey presto it changes again! There’s so many to choose from, a lot of us are small time collectors with 40-80 pieces if we are lucky. 

There are literally 1,000s if not 100,000s of crystals to collect and use.  There are many healing crystal books and websites out there if you are not familiar with what stones to chose.  My knowledge is OK but not extensive.  If you wish to seek stones for your own healing I would recommend typing into your browser search engine “what crystal will heal _ _ _ _ _ ?”  ~ but please come back to Thyme Keepers to see if we stock it for you! 

We have put both chemical and healing properties on all stones for your convenience.  Feel free if you are recommended three or even seven stones to then choose what you like from that choice.  Go with your intuition.  I have never been disappointed in my choice of crystals, only sometimes in a lack of funds to purchase them!  Don’t be afraid of mystical feelings!

There is a school of thought however on choice of rough/smooth, colours and sizes for healing.. These I should hope to blog sometime soon.

Which crystal do I use for Emotional Issues?

Really, it’s the same method as above.. Always have some and keep them cleansed is my usual short answer.

Crystal healing is neither medical nor psychiatric replacements,  but complimentary stuff to help heal..

Which crystal could I use for Spiritual Issues?

Again if you can pin point your soul trouble you are halfway there!  There are stones to be avoided here though.. Personally I steer clear of emerald in times of spiritual diss-ease – it actually moves me further into a dark place.  We are all different and can often have different reactions to stones but a few are known to be good for all.  I always say, Kyanite, Citrine and Apophyllite.. And I shall cite them further down too.  All the quartzes,

Are there different crystal techniques?

Yes many.  Seek and ask.. This is your journey.  The schools are multiple.  Experiment with anything that sounds good to you.

Balancing the Body with Crystals

Not literally! I have never tried to do yoga balancing on a crystal ball!  But I have often had a piece of tourmaline in my pocket whilst practicing yoga!  Many variations of stones, methods etc to try.. Try them all I say!

Stress Release and Energizing the Body with Crystals

Stress! You might hear my tone is usually a little stressed and I do what I can when I can for stress relief.  I actually enjoy a certain amount of stress in my life but I always leave until I’m about to burst! 

Luckily I’m surrounded by people who remind me to practice my things.. at the end of a bad day though I’m likely to get in a nice warm bath with salt and lavender oil in it & I have my special rose quartz to put in it.  A bit cheap rough rose quartz.  It’s still good after over a decade of my stress abuse!

These gifts of the stones just keep on giving! I often get my giant citrine and rest it on my chest when I’m reclining on my sofa in the morning for five minutes.  I recommend longer, but I refuse to get up early enough!

This is a lovely healing technique for stress release.

Drink a glass of water.  Water hydrates the brain thus helping to de-stress the mind. I insist on this.  Anxiety should decrease in a few minutes.  Sit and concentrate of your breathing for a few minutes. Locate your crystals, there should be a few in your pocket. Hold them in both hands. Open your hands and allow the energy to rise up to your face. Close your eyes again.  Breath a bit more, this time in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Do you feel the stress decreasing for just a few minutes? 

If you have time.. carry on, but if not you should find that your thinking should be just a little bit more clearer than it was 5-10 minutes ago.

Aligning and Balancing the Chakras with Crystals

  • Red Stone – Most Popular stone Red Jasper.
  • Orange Stone – Most Popular stone Carnelian.
  • Yellow Stone – Yellow Jasper or Citrine are most often used.
  • Green Stone – Green Aventurine or Rose Quartz you can also try a Watermelon Tourmaline which is a mix of green and pink.
  • Light Blue Stone – Blue Lace Agate or you can use Turquoise.
  • Dark Blue Stone – Lapis Lazuli works well and so does Sodalite.
  • Clear or Violet Stone – Amethyst or Clear Quartz.

Do crystals have different healing properties?

Yes! Crystals are like people to me! Every one has a different unique personality, all have their strengths and they too have their limitations. Keep researching because it’s a wonderful and most fulfilling pastime.

How do I choose a crystal?

Firstly you can read the FAQs here to have a think. You can ask a friend or two.  you can go with your intuition, or impulse.  You can even open your crystal Bible on a random page!

Personally in my earlier days I would go in the shops and ask advice, I would read all the books & mark everything off with a highlighter pen (that would drive my Mum mad because they were her books!) until I whittled it down to what I could afford in my budget.  And there you have the clearest possible answer!

Which are the safest and best methods to clean my crystals?

Before we begin, make sure your crystal isn’t dissolvable in water.  You can check this by searching in your search engine “will _ _ _ _ _ _ dissolve in water?” If so go to method two.  When in doubt go to method two.  Many people will say don’t do method one.  I think method one is OK for very hard and solid crystals & is fine for any quartz like crystals.  Remember a lot of crystals are brittle and need very gentle treatment.

Method one. With a very clean dishwater brush and a very little fairy liquid to a lot of water, carefully and gently dip your stone in the water, give it a very gentle rub with the brush, rinse in cold clear water, and when dry, gently wipe a lint free cloth over it.  It should now be gleaming!

Method two. Liquid free!  Using a very dry washing up brush, gently brush your stone.  You may need to use a cloth, or several different coursnesses of cloth. Some crystals come with dirt & often the dirt is not removable.. You must accept this or risk damaging your crystal.  Some of us are curious and don’t mind, but you might do!

Cleansing Crystals

There’s many schools of thought on this and you can choose all or one, but please don’t choose none. The difference between cleaning and cleansing is that cleaning refers to the physical cleaning of your stone and cleansing refers to the cleansing of the energy of your stone.  I use a bit of all methods I know about. I’m not an expert remember, these are only my tried and tested methods. 

I’m sure there are more out there, keep seeking information!  I’m a bit mad & busy and I do clag up the energy on my stones and need to sort them out regularly.  Especially my malachite because of my pain condition.

1.) By Sunlight.  Let the Sun shine! Of course Moon light is made from Sun light and is even more mystical to boot.  So either Sun or Moon light will remove any negs from your stones.  At least a day or night of each.  I’m not going to go into any mystical practices I might do myself but us crystally peeps types often do have little rituals around our crystals involving the Sun and the Moon and our Earths dance around them!  If you think Sun light or Moon light is not powerful enough to ‘cleanse’ the energy of a crystal I suggest you look out at the plants in your garden for three minutes and then watch your night flox when they bloom.

2.)  Put them in a bowl of salt or on a block of salt.  Salt!  Well known purifier by all the occultists. I could go into a bunch of stuff about salt but either you fancy cleansing your stones in salt or not.  It’s cheaper if you put them on a lump of salt for instance a salt lamp you might have.  I personally have a bowl of Himalayan salt that I use just for my stones.  Just throw them in & brush the salt off after.

3.) Place them by other cleanser stones, these being (unsurprisingly) Kyanite, Citrine and Apophyllite. These three stones it’s said don’t ever need cleansing.  I dissagree, if there’s a bunch of messed up stuff going on you don’t need them to take anything from those situations.  Cleanse your stones!

4.) Do you read tarot or oracle cards?  If so you know you should be cleansing the energy from them by lots of shuffling and other repetitive random laying out & scooping up.  Stones are the same and they can be cleansed simply by ‘gridding’ them all in a meditative play for 10 to 20 minutes.  Lay them out in mandala type spreads, scoop them up and lay them out again. Three times, seven times, or just once to sit in full Sun or Moon light with salt scattered over them.. You just do whatever feels right for you.

How do I dedicate my healing crystal & how do I attune myself to their energy?

Simply with loving your crystal and fondling it often.  I have mine in my pockets, I spend weeks with the same crystals in my pockets, transferring them from jeans pocket to jeans pocket.. I know where one piece of quartz is going to be too harsh for me on headache days and yet gentle on me on bad social situation days..  We don’t just take in any situation, we always give (even if it’s negative or indifference) so we listen to them and that’s our way of giving to the stones and attuning ourselves to them.

How do I program, activate and charge my crystal?

We put intention into everything we do.  so sit with your stone, meditate, think at it – OK I mean talk to it! You can talk to it silently but you say to your stone, I suppose like a prayer, please will you work with me to help ease the pain or whatever you want it to do.. With intent we ask our friends, family or Doctors evento sit and spend a little time with us to listen to us.  We have problems or greater and lesser needs that need solving.  If we ask the stones, they shall answer us.

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