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Are crystals for you?
What is a crystal?
Why and how do crystals work?
Which crystals can I use for physical issues?
Which crystals can I use for emotional issues?
Which crystal could I use for spiritual issues?
Are there different crystal techniques?
Do crystals have different healing properties?
How do I choose a crystal?
Which are the safest and best methods to clean my crystals?
How do I cleanse my crystals?
How do I dedicate my healing crystal and how do I attune myself to their energy?
How do I program, activate and charge my crystal?

Are Crystals for you?

Incorporating crystals into your life for health maintenance and prevention, is a powerful and effective way to complement and enhance your healing. Its versatility can be used in conjunction with any other healing practices, medical or holistic.

What is a Crystal?

There are as many opinions out there as there are facets to a well polished gem. Should you ask a geologist, crystals are all about shapes, sizes and chemical compositions which reveal astounding atomic symmetry since they are solids that form by a regular repeated pattern of molecules connected together.

When you ask a jeweller, crystals are all about adornment and decoration. For a jeweller the most desirable stones are the ones that are the most difficult to mine and or have a limited supply, they have just that much more monetary value… and let’s not fool each other, money does make the world go round! It is only thanks to a clever marketing campaign, started off in 1948 that diamonds became quote “So ridiculously valuable”.

Why and how do Crystals work?

Crystals are energy transmitters – their crystalline structure indicate that they can absorb, focus and then transmit subtle electromagnetic energy, which we see when they use quartz crystal in radios and watches, this is the same quality that is used in crystal healing. People ask how crystals work for healing and the answer is not really known perhaps it is all just in our minds, but hundreds of centuries of people disagree! There is a more complex answer.

Crystals may heal on several levels at once – body, mind and spirit – and we have some idea both scientifically and esoterically how this can be,with a holistic approach.

Which crystals can I use for Physical Issues?

Here you will find lists of Crystals for physical issues in books and online. When picking crystals from those lists remember your intuition is the best guide. Try exploring the many ways that healing gemstones can serve your quest for greater physical health and well-being.

In looking for Crystals for physical issues you will find some of the most beautiful, mystical and profound energy medicine tools available. The magical mystery of healing stones will be revealed to you the more you use them.

Which crystal do I use for Emotional Issues?

Crystals are a good support when you are going through emotional upheaval. We often put our own needs on the back burner and look after everyone else. Our emotions are a very important part of us and in order to live fully and effectively, we need to be able to heal any emotional issues that might stifle your personal growth.

Crystal Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, or medical treatment but rather to complement and enhance it. Please keep in mind that this information is offered as a service, purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. Crystal Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.

Which crystal could I use for Spiritual Issues?

Your spirit, your inner being, is a very important part of who you are. In order to live fully you need to be able to heal the spirit,anything in your energy field that might stifle your personal growth. Crystals are ideally suited to this task and are very powerful healing tools whether you use natural, tumbled, rough, cut or polished stones.

Are there different crystal techniques?

Consider the multitude of crystal techniques available to you for healing with crystals. There are many crystal healers and holistic practitioners who use stones just for keeping the energy in a room clear or for doing energy work with people, children and even animals. Reiki happens to be a favourite of mine.

Balancing the Body with Crystals

Crystal healing layouts are very simple. You should drink lots of water before and after doing a self treatment as these techniques also have a detox effect.

You will require any seven crystals that you wish to use.

Lie down and place a crystal on each of the seven major chakra centres. If a crystal rolls to a different position leave it where it is. It is likely the body is moving it where it needs to be.

Some of the crystals will feel very heavy, like they are sinking into your skin, others will be so light that you aren’t sure they are still there, others may feel very cold, while others extremely warm or even electric.

You may also feel like you are floating or receive inner visions of colour or patterns.

Each individual is different. Leave the stones in place for three or four minutes. The body will find its own balance.

When using any of the crystal healing techniques, trust your intuition as far as which gemstones to use whether you are attracted to them because of shape, size, colour, etc.

Stress Release and Energizing the Body with Crystals

This is an good layout for stress release in our hectic modern lives.It is good for both the executive and the mother with the pressures of raising a family, often juggling jobs too.

This is a lovely healing technique for stress release.

You will need seven crystals, preferably clear quartz and preferably points.

This time do not place them on the body, but place them on the floor or mat around your body pointing outward instead.

  • one above your head,
  • one below your feet,
  • at your shoulders on either side
  • and of your knees either side.

Lie still for three or four minutes, and breathe deeply and steadily this will release stress.

Then turn the points inwards to recharge and energize the chakra centres. Lie still for another three or four minutes.

Aligning and Balancing the Chakras with Crystals

Many healers agree that one of the most popular crystal healing techniques is the chakra layout.For this healing technique you will need one red stone, one orange, one yellow, one green or pink, one light blue, one dark blue, one white, clear or violet, and one dark stone. All stones should be approximately the same size and weight.This method is the same as the first, except that colored stones are used instead of clear quartz crystals.The dark stone or smoky quartz should be placed at the feet for grounding. Holistic healers agree that the popular chakra layout is one of the most useful.

The remaining stones should be placed at chakra centres according to color: red on the root chakra centre, orange on the sacral, yellow on the solar plexus, green on the heart centre, light blue on the throat, dark blue on the third eye and white, golden or violet on the crown centre.

  • Red Stone – Most Popular stone Red Jasper.
  • Orange Stone – Most Popular stone Carnelian.
  • Yellow Stone – Yellow Jasper or Citrine are most often used.
  • Green Stone – Green Aventurine or Rose Quartz you can also try a Watermelon Tourmaline which is a mix of green and pink.
  • Light Blue Stone – Blue Lace Agate or you can use Turquoise.
  • Dark Blue Stone – Lapis Lazuli works well and so does Sodalite.
  • Clear or Violet Stone – Amethyst or Clear Quartz.

The above crystal healing techniques are also referred to as the laying on of stones. It is a very powerful way to perform crystal healing on yourself or others and the purpose of the laying on of stones is to release etheric, emotional, mental or spiritual blocks to well-being.

Tracing the Meridians

I use a clear quartz point in this technique but trust your intuition and choose a crystal to use. Trace the chosen crystal over your meridian lines and press the acupressure points with it. It is a long and tedious procedure and requires some basic acupressure knowledge, but it is extremely effective since it combines the benefits of both crystal healing therapy as well as acupressure.

Figure Eight Looping

This is another one of those very effective crystal healing techniques and involves making the figure eight with the crystal by looping all the chakras together and works very well for aligning and balancing the chakras.

Do crystals have different healing properties?

There are no exact rules for crystal healing and the healing properties of crystals is not an exact science either.  When I started exploring the healing properties of crystals, I discovered the multitude of books, articles and websites that’s available today on the use, characteristics and properties of crystals varied quite considerably – some concentrated more on the metaphysical and esoteric aspects while others focussed on the more conventional and scientific aspects.I also found that they detailed so many purposes, attributes and virtues to each individual stone. crystal help any imbalance whether on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

How do I choose a crystal?

Choosing a crystal for yourself whether it is the first, second, third or hundredth time is a wonderful and life changing experience.But each crystal is individual and used for different purposes so you would choose your crystal based on what you will be using it for. You might think that intuition is a magical phenomenon – but you are naturally provided with intuition, an instinctive knowledge, hunch or impression that is uniquely yours formed from your energetic experiences and knowledge.

Have you ever had a feeling that guided you to act a certain way without fully understanding why or suddenly understood something without proof or evidence why?… That is your intuition it is real, all you have to do is practice to listen.

Which are the safest and best methods to clean my crystals?

Clearing and cleansing crystals are very important factors to keep in mind when caring for your healing gemstones. Right from the moment they are mined up to and including the moment that you select your chosen healing crystals and decide to make them a part of your life, these powerful healing tools are handled by many people.

You do not know these people and each and every one of them imprints their own vibration (positive or negative) within the stone.

All crystals are highly sensitive and have this ability to receive as well as transmit energy.

Making it imperative that after buying your healing gemstones, you cleanse, clear and re-align all unwanted vibrations by using the correct cleansing methods.

You will then have removed and re-aligned the vibrational energies the healing stones have absorbed over time.

Your healing gemstones will then be prepared for dedication and programming, making your crystals clear channels.

You will now have enabled them to attune to your vibrations before you use them for healing in a manner that will not detract or destroy their outer beauty or healing ability.

Cleansing Crystals

On a regular basis after you have done a healing session is also highly recommended since they absorb and are affected by your emotions as well as that of others within their energetic field which can affect their healing powers adversely.

How do I dedicate my healing crystal & how do i attune myself to their energy?

Dedicating healing crystals and attuning to their healing energies are highly recommended practices in crystal handling. Crystals are powerful healing tools at your disposal and using them for the greatest good when healing is imperative.

  • Dedicating your healing gemstones ensures that your stones are used for the highest and greatest good of all.
  • Attuning to your healing gemstones ensures your connection with the life force energy of your stone.

How do I program, activate and charge my crystal?

You need to first program your crystal after which you will move on to activating your stone and finally charging your crystal before you work with it. For those of you that are new to the wonderful and exciting world of crystal healing.

  • all crystals are healing crystals
  • the term “programming” is used because this process is similar to computer programming

Information or commands are stored in the molecular structure your the healing crystals as magnetic charged data.

In other words, crystals can receive and hold thought forms (data) and when you project your intent consciously, it is called programming a crystal.

Thoughts are energy and are magnetic in form.The data you program into your healing crystals as thought forms, powered or intensified by intention and emotion, is stored as energy.

The following 2 steps are imperative before you go ahead with programming a healing crystal:

  • First, you have to determine the purpose of the program you wish to imprint.
  • Secondly, you must think of the end result you want to achieve.

When programming a healing crystal you set your intention, your aim or purpose. Your intention directly affects the result of your actions. Following is a very simple intent you can use, remember it is always best to keep it simple and even better to use your own words.

“I intend for this crystal to be effective for healing, manifestation, etc. in light and love for the highest and greatest good of all. So be it!”