Essential Oils

Quinessence Oils

Quinessence is a brand I choose confidently in their highest quality pure products. I have used Quinessence long before Thyme Keepers came about.  Anyone who has delved seriously into Aromatherapy knows that essential oils should be sourced for their quality and by the best of Aromatherapy experts.  There are enough charlatans out there, and going cheap means compromising on quality.  A dodgy game when we are using these on our bodies and minds, which often are already in a fragile state.  We don’t need to make matters worse!

Thyme keepers brings you this small collection of quality essential and carrier oils.  Please exercise caution and only use a few drops to start with if using the Mood Enhancers to mix into a carrier oil to massage with, unless you are practiced and know what you are doing! If in any doubt please feel free to contact us for advice. Essential Oils and Essential Oil Mood enhancers will always be sold only in 10ml bottles, carriers always only in 100ml bottles.

Please follow all relevant medical guidance when handling and using any essential or carrier oil products.

Quinessence is a registered Trademark of Quinessence Aromatherapy Ltd. UK

Aroma-botanicals is a registered Trademark of Quinessence Aromatherapy Ltd. UK

Quinessence Carrier Oils

Carrier oils can be used for so much more than just diluting your essential oils for massage treatments! The natural skin softening, moisturising and nourishing qualities of Quinessence Carrier Oils helps soften wrinkles, increase elasticity, and help to balance an uneven complexion.

Quinessence Mood Enhancer Essential Oil Blends

Quinessence Mood Enhancers are expertly blended from undiluted essential oils to deliver exotic fragrances to create the most enticing and uplifting atmosphere. Mood Enhancers work perfectly in oil burners and also added to carrier oils for a luxurious aromatherapy massage. Pick a mood and indulge your senses.

Essential Oils

Pure and undiluted (unless stated) essential oils are perfectly suited for a variety of aromatherapy diffusers, vaporizers or oil burners and partner elegently with Quinessence Carrier Oils for massage and treatment on the skin.

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