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3 explosive ways Blue John can work to enrich life

The history and mystery of the mineral Blue John is explored in this article. One of the most famous stones for ornamental or crystal healing purposes.

Eh up, Lara. What yer ‘eck is like?

What have hot dogs, ceramic poppies, the green hand cleaning gel that your grandparents probably have a tub of in their shed called Swarfega and the gun toting, bear massacring tomb raider herself, Lara Croft got in common with the Fluorite based mineral Blue John?

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They all hail from Derbyshire, England, that’s what. Yes, hot dogs started life in Derby. This blue purple mineral which is also known by the name ‘Derbyshire Spar’ is mined in the town of Castleton, Derbyshire in the appropriately named Blue John and Treak Cliff caverns.

Mined in smaller amounts today than between the 18th and 19th centuries when Blue John was used as a decorative material for things such as fireplace panels, vases, jewellery and even urns.

Today it is mainly only mined for use in the crystal gemstone industry and for holistic, spiritual healing.

Familiarity with fluorite, alright

The deep, dark colours on the cuboid matrix latticed surface of a piece of Blue John changes as it catches the light from deep blues to starling rich purples. From afar it looks that the darker side is simply black.

It is when held close and moved slowly in the light allowing it to catch the facets and edges that the hidden colours reveal themselves and melt into one another. On very close inspection the flat edges of the jagged cuboids jutting out at differing angles are patterned with block like flakes that create a grid of overlapping rectangles and squares.

A fascinating stone to study in the hand and by the eye. Anyone familiar with fluorite will recognise this particular purple when seen in certain light conditions as Blue John is made up of calcium fluoride, part of the halide family of minerals which Fluorite is a part.

Close up of Blue John surface detail

Nuclear re-colourisation via irradiation? No problem

The geologic reason for the formation of colour including the deepness of the blue-purple on this stone is as yet still unknown. The best scientific theories suggesting crystal lattice dislocation, which is a defect in the atomic structure leading to irregularities or changes in the material.

It has also been theorised that it is the abundance of colloidal calcium while forming that produces the distinct Blue John colours, which means there are too many calcium atoms present to fully form into Fluorite. If heated Blue John does change in colour.

Not to worry, though, as if a piece of Blue John is accidentally popped into an oven all that is needed to return Blue John to its original hue is to be irradiated in a nuclear reactor.

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Electromagnetic balancing act

Blue John, it is said, brings balance in the life of the one who takes this crystal to their centre by equalising the electrical activity in the brain over both hemispheres drawing ‘prana’ (energy) from infinite creative intelligence.

Known as the ‘genius stone’ Blue John can be a fore-bearer of new information which stimulates personal growth by defining clear answers to troubles and confrontations. This stone helps with building a solid foundation for trust, trust in laws that govern our existence and trust in one’s own intuition.

With this comes a sense of spontaneity that arises from a knowledge to trusts one’s own instincts which further goes on to build an altruistic attitude to life and those around us.

Blue John draws off electromagnetic fields with frequencies that harmonise with electronics and computers. A great stone for those studying for the clarity of focus this stone can bring into being.

Don’t mind. If you meditate

When meditating with this stone present, a ‘no mind’ state known as mushin is said to be easier to attain. This stone can also resolve conflicts or challenges in the workplace in the mind of the meditator that can bring about a positive resolution.

It should be noted that Blue John, although looking like a very solid, hard mineral, can be brittle and can easily break off in sharp shards and clumps. Extra care should be maintained when handling.

We used to have a fine Blue John in stock that was photographed and wrapped ready to be put on the website but after unwrapping found that many of the deep blue clusters had broken away that we couldn’t possibly sell it. From this lesson we now take extra care wrapping all the products we sell making sure they reach the customer in the very best condition possible.

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Open the channels to truth, personal growth and expanded spirituality with the oldest most famous variety of Fluorite, Blue John.

Please note as with all of the crystal, mineral, fossils or healing stones sold on this site and as specified in the terms and conditions and the disclaimer that for the treatment for serious medical conditions it is advised that professional, conventional, medical advice be sought and followed.  

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