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Calming Kyanite

  Blue Kyanite is my favourite kyanite & most probably the most popular coloured kyanite, which can come in every colour including black and white. This is the one stone I would say to everybody to carry a piece of this with you at all times in any form, raw, or polished. I’ve had some incredible healing experiences with it since I discovered it for myself twenty years ago. I remember I’d been to Mysteries in London […]

Close up image of Rose Quartz

Pain Relieving Crystals

Crystals are not to be used in place of proper medical advice, but as extra aids. A bit like using a cast for a broken leg as well as your painkillers for the pain. Bad analgy, but you get the point! To me all crystals are all round healers and it’s hard to get it wrong, if in doubt pick up a stone! There are some exceptions to that rule, but they all have specialist areas. Today […]

Close up side image of Citrine

Natural Citrine is one of my personal favourites.

I’m talking about real natural citrine & not the heat-treated stones, which is actually heat-treated amethyst. Real citrine is a bit more expensive and I do prefer everything about it, the little extra expense is worth it to me. To me, amethysts are wonderful stones in their own right, purple should never be messed with in my very humble, and probably slightly snobby opinion! In it’s natural form it is a pale clear slightly yellow, beige or […]

We’ve finally opened!

After trying to get things working in the background, the front of shop is finally open for business! Its quite a big step for the Thymekeepers team as we’ve been very careful to ensure things work right and that people get the best possible situation using the site. Any problems, please get in touch.


Hi and welcome to Thyme Keepers We are just one small new business which will be bringing you some lovely natural and unusual crystals and minerals.  We believe in the power of stones and the healing energy of the Earth. The name Thyme Keepers comes from the amazing properties of quartz which is able to remember, and is why it is used for computers and watches.  Thyme, because I love herbs & spices & their healing effect […]