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Astrophyllite leads to incredible internal insight

Haven’t we all though, at some point, stopped and tried to ponder of the reason we are here?

Do I have a purpose in life or is this (life, the universe and everything) all just a bunch of random stuff that happens?

Enter astrophyllite, a healing crystal for those who seek truth and purpose

This extremely rare and unique crystal structure is usually a yellow-brown in colour and consists of  potassium, titanium and iron. Found scarcely in remote locations in Canada, North America, Russia, Norway and Greenland this enchanting silicate mineral material is stunning to look at and own as it is rare.

Astrophyllite forms as a brittle, shard like structure which looks a little like Black Kyanite in nature. It is a delicate, hard to handle mineral, so for owners to make the use of Astrophyllite small amounts of Astrophyllite can be formed into jewellery like this stunning pendant. Having Astrophyllite featured in a pendant allows the owner to reap the metaphysical and healing properties of this stone at all times by wearing it around the neck. Known as the sage’s stone this crystal can be used by anyone who wishes to delve deeper into themselves for truth, purpose and answers.

To do so it aligns the wearers energy by combining the forces and flow of all the chakras. Astrophyllite, like Quartz, Actinolite and Citrine and can be of benefit to any of the chakras that may be out of alignment but does work powerfully with the sacral (orange), root (red) and third eye (purple) chakras. If you feel any issues around feeling un-grounded, problems with relationships, creativity or wish to improve your psychic abilities then Astrophyllite could possibly be what you have been looking for.

Astrophyllite with background removed and colours enhanced
Astrophyllite is best contained in a pendant because of its fragile structure.

How do I find my life purpose or seek answers from astrophyllite?

Owning Astrophyllite makes a connection with it extremely easy as it can be worn throughout the day building a psychic connection that will grow over time. When putting it on at the start of the day hold a very clear intention or visualisation of what it is you want to ask.

If you are struggling to come up with the wording or imagery of such an intention then that’s okay as just being in the presence of this stone will, over time, open you up to guidance to your true self which will naturally lead to the discovery of what it is you are here to do. Let the energy work through your and allow what comes from this marvellous guiding, grounding marvel to light your path.

Astrophyllite can also be useful in meditation. With your back straight take several calming, deep breaths with the breath starting at the base of your spine and rising to the top of your head. Hold the breath for a few seconds and on release, relax and start to meditate. With practice it will become clear why this is known as the sage’s stone.

Another benefit of meditating using Astrophyllite is that whilst doing so a channel for pure white healing light flows easier through all the chakras aligning them for a complete grounding, and wholeness which then goes on to allow the flow of psychic information and truth.

Known as being the sage’s stone for use as a means to aid astral projection, time travel into past memories and for exposing your life’s purpose. Astrophyllite is known by its other nickname ‘the marriage stone’ for promoting truth and fidelity between couples. Share this stone in meditation with your partner to affirm a strong foundation of honesty between you. All the best things in life are shared with someone, wouldn’t you agree?

Open up to positive change and trans-formative energy for yourself and partner by bringing amazing astrophyllite into your lives.

Astrophllite Pendant with background removed
The golden ‘flakes’ in this Astrophyllite Pendant shine and reflect light.

Astrophyllite when used specifically for healing can be an aid to improve memory and brain functioning. It can be helpful when dealing with stress related issues thanks to presupposition to ground and to guide.

Astrophyllite is mainly connected to the astrological star sign of Capricorn who are ambitious, loyal, success driven, magical people who might benefit from the slower pace, stress release and grounding this healing stone can bring.

So if you have ever wondered what your life purpose is, astrophyllite, the smarty, may have the answer.

Please note as with all of the crystal, mineral, fossils or healing stones sold on this site and as specified in the terms and conditions and the disclaimer that for the treatment for serious medical conditions it is advised that professional, conventional, medical advice be sought and followed.  

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