Ametrine Point


This piece of cut and polished ametrine weighs 64 grams and is 5.5 centimetres along the longest edge


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Additional information

Weight 64 g
Dimensions 5.5 × 3 × 2.8 cm

Horoscope sign



  • Name : Ametrine
  • Composition : Silicon Dioxide w. Impurities
  • Mineral Class : Silicates
  • Hardness (MoH’s) : 7
  • Crystal System : Triginal
  • Chakra : Solar Plexus, Crown, Third Eye
  • Astrological Sign(s) : Gemini, Libra
  • Physical Issues : Alzheimers, Fatigue, Headaches, Jaundice
  • Emotional Issues : Concentration, Creativity, Grief, Motivation
  • Healing : Phobias, Ulcers
  • Spiritual Issues : Balance, Clarity, Nightmares, Meditation

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