About Us

Welcome to Thyme Keepers.  I am Sara the owner and creator of the business, and a lover of crystals.  I am creating what would be a shop for you, to experience the nature of the essence of crystals as I have.  I’ve never put a web-shop together before, this is a basic version of what I envision it will become one day, as I hope it expands and grows.

My journey selling crystals is simply because I love, trust and enjoy crystals in all their glory, and as a keen collector of crystals, I hope I can offer you some crystals in the shop to really enjoy as I do.

My mother Helen was an Aromatherapist and used crystals along side the oils.  She was a professional artist too, so my early life around her was saturated in all sorts of interesting smells; oil paints and white spirit, printing ink and nitric acid or ammonia when she was etching, and then later all the different essential oils when she was doing healing massages.  She did a number of ITEC courses after all her Fine art Diplomas & Degrees, I would read through her course notes & she explained a lot of it all to me, from there my journey began.

I had a tumultuous life as a youngster.  My body rejected life, I was allergic to so many things I suffered chronic eczema, asthma and hay-fever and was often weak and ill.  I had other extreme issues with my body, mind & spirit, to coin the phrase.  I have Asperger’s and could not speak up, not really, until I was around 30.   I’m also dyspraxic so a very mild but quite consuming disability.  My life fell apart around me & my health took a real knock.

I turned to holistic healing; I went to a homeopath, I went for auricular acupuncture.  I went to shamanic drumming classes, I saw psychics & reiki healers.  I took up occasional yoga classes and I learned to meditate I went to naturopaths and reflexologists.  I was often desperate but found not only did most of this stuff work, slowly but surely, but I was learning things about holistic healing.  I was learning to heal myself.

My mother would buy me stones, as she was learning and expanding her own collection, and I was often a ginea-pig for her to try new massage techniques on.  The first one she got me was a flat polished donut aventurine pendant.  She also would buy me Bach flower remedies, I was often a bag of nerves, I went through a lot of traumatic stuff & I needed a lot of good stuff to help heal me.  The crystals have indeed helped to heal me as I allowed each one that I used to vibrate through my being, far more than I ever thought possible.  I have used Lapiz Lazuli to help me to find my voice. Some may say I slightly over-shot that bit of healing as I am now also a singer in a punk band, a very outspoken & opinionated busy body at times too now!  I found peace through rose quartz, I literally just place it on my forehead with my hand for ten minutes & shut my eyes with my head looking sun-wards.   I have found mental and physical strength through using jasper and I found clarity of intention in good old plain quartz.  I use proper citrine (not the heat-treated amethyst type) to aid in the healing of my thyroid and all the nasty things it does to me, and maybe a touch of wealth management too!  I use apophyllite regularly to keep my negative thinking in check, it helps me to turn those negative self-depreciating thoughts into positive thoughts, which in turn helps me to face life and do the things sometimes we would rather not do.  We all have days like that! I certainly use kyanite to help ‘align mysf’ and taurine to ground myself. Occasionally I just like to sit and rest, looking at the beautiful flaws in the large translucent stones & allowing my mind to wonder free in their alien inner worlds, chasing the ever moving light & shadows caused by the subtle effect the moving of the sun and moons’ light have on everything down here on Earth at all times.

My mother Helen died in 2006, and that was the year I finally pulled myself together, knowing she would no longer be there. I’m determined to use that little bit of heartache as positively as I can, following in her foot-steps just to help bring a little bit of positivity and self healing.

I knew that I was a complex person, living a complex life and I had a real intent to work to simplify my life & simplify myself.  My health and mental health as complex as everything else about me was, was a mission to heal that I started to see in a very holistic way.  Mind, Body & Spirit as a whole.  I sunk myself further into learning about all things holistic in a new light.  I followed every lead and I found myself at a point around six years ago where I found that I really had healed all round.  Not one thing alone was healing any one thing specifically, but a combination of all the things I’ve used holistically have helped heal me as a whole.  Crystals have played a part in most types of guided and holistic healing and meditations throughout my journey.  I have done what I wish others with deep troubles to do and have, if need be.  With perseverance and guidance from many others who were experts in their fields; I have done the impossible and fixed up a broken person. It does take time, it can take less on the holistic road. Convention should be used sparingly.

Crystals and stones in general are a big part of my life journey.  I was always the child who was playing in a puddle, happy in the mud with a few stones, or out camping rolling around in the grass, by the big ones the put in circles many many thousands of years ago.  I collected stones and was lucky enough that my parents occasionally liked to play with a lapidary.  Another connection to the Earth and stones was a trip to Roscarberry when I was fourteen and my parents and I went walking around several stone circles and we all had a very profound and fulfilling experience around the megaliths, my Mother drew them, creating quite a number of etchings of the stone circles for a book by an expert based in Ireland.  They seemed to be calling us all on a very deep level, and a few years later I moved there for a few years, just to reconnect with these stone giants.  I do love a trip to a stone circle, there are so many in the UK & Eire!  This connection to the Earth also, so important to me, I do feel the Earths energy & I love it!  Using crystals, they can heal us if we just try to tune into their vibrations.  They have the power to heal us, they have the power to cleanse the air, the earth and even themselves! They also have the amazing power to emit frequencies and hold memory (watches, computers.)  Hence the name Thyme Keepers, a small pun on how impressed I am with them!  Apart from all that they are also fascinating geological specimens.  I get lost in their little worlds, soon forgetting my troubles, until I find them offering me answers to them, answers that I can work with.

You might just want to stick some on your shelves to look at too, like me, my home is a brighter place for them. My life too. Thankyou.