5 unexpected ways Mookaite Jasper can be used effectively for energetic crystal healing

In this article we explore some of the ways Mookaite Jasper can be used in crystal healing and what it is best used for.  

Rivers run deep in Mooka Creek

Dear reader, may we introduce you to a unique healing mineral, Mookaite Jasper. Otherwise referred to (incorrectly!) as Mookite Jasper it is an opaque mineral only found in one place on the planet.


More specifically than that the Kennedy Range National Park, Western Australia. Even more specifically within the aforementioned locality, Mooka Creek. That is where the material derives its name from given to it by the indigenous people that inhabited the area when first discovered.

Jasper is an aggregate, a mass of mineral crystals, composed of microgranular quartz and chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline (rock texture of minute crystals only vaguely revealed microscopically) form of silica. The silica is produced by radiolaria, micro protozoa with a silica shell that are deposited and form over millennia.

The colours found in Mookaite Jasper are determined by what minerals are deposited in the waters of the creek. Iron is indicated by the beautiful swathes of red that flows in layers through the stone and were left as the waters receded and the mineral left and formed from the sediment remaining.

Used in healing and energetic channelling for developing strength, vitality and to focus life force energy to promote personal power, this rare piece of Mookaite Jasper can be also be used in the following, lesser known ways.

1. Motivation from intention & prevention of procrastination

This stone is a powerful motivator that can overcome procrastination and define targeted focus. This can be achieved by what is known as ‘charging with intention’. This is done in stages. When obtaining a Mookaite Jasper (or any stone known to hold intention such as quartz) is to keep it out of sunlight for at least four days.

Once this is complete sit quietly, breathe deeply three times and hold the stone in yours hands. Close your eyes and picture your goals, your intention or a project you want to complete. Hold this in your conscious thoughts while holding the crystal for a few minutes and once the intention falls out of mind naturally then before placing the stone in sunlight somewhere it will be seen throughout the day (an office desk for acquiring more motivation at work for instance) say out loud ‘thank you’ three times.

Feel as though you have reaped the rewards of your efforts and are living in the results. The intention frequencies you place into the stone will resonate throughout the day focusing the mind to work towards your goals and ambitions.

Is this the second or third list item? Trust your gut

Need help to make decisions and don’t know where to turn? Mookaite Jasper may be able to help as it has been said to amplify instinct and trusting your own feelings or gut when faced with life choices. This can be especially useful when dealing with choices that can have two very polarising outcomes.

To do this find a quiet place and gently introduce the question and visualise in your mind the potential outcomes. Once these are clear pick up the Mookaite Jasper and draw it close into the body.

Hold it against the heart area and as you do the first option that enters your mind is what your instinct indicates as the best possible course of action even if it is in conflict with what you desire. The amplified effects of this stone will light the way and the outcome will reveal itself to have been the best course of action in time.

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3. Back to the future? Slow down and live longer

It is said that Mookaite Jasper has a purifying effect on the blood and soothes the digestive system which leads to a less stressful life due to imbalances in body chemistry.

This stone isn’t going to stop ageing and it certainly won’t help Cher turn back time but as stress is linked to being over stimulated and a higher metabolic rate which works the body harder, fatigues the system and as higher levels of sustained stressful living being linked to an earlier mortality rate then the calming soothing relaxing energies that slow and balance the bodies internal systems can only give the greatest potential for longevity and vitality.

Keep bottled water near the stone before drinking to amplify the purifying, calming effects of having this stone in your home can bring.

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As you can see there are many ways in which Mookaite Jasper, like the unique fossils sold here can be used to amazing effect. There is more to learn from this dazzling rare wonder. Read on.

4. Preceptive communication after conception and maternal protection

Mookaite Jasper resonates with the sacral chakra. The chakra aligned with sexuality, creativity and fertility. The increase to blood flow aids with conception and benefits both male and female reproductive health.

For pregnant women keeping this stone next to the bed has been claimed to support the woman’s body because it is claimed to be a stone with an energetic resonance of protection. Crystal healing practitioners also claim that using Mookaite Jasper in this way can facilitate perceptive communication between mother and baby.

5. Spiritual amplifier for a higher power

Increase spirituality. Just by having one of these beautiful stones in your home can greatly intensify a feeling of connection with something greater than our humble selves if that is part of your spiritual journey. To amplify this, however, owners of Mookaite Jasper are said to meditate with the stone in the hand or placed somewhere on the body against the flesh.

Do not set out with an intention just close your eyes and allow yourself to be led by thought, feelings and emotions that surface. Unlike other forms of meditation where the focus is on a single repeating thought of no meaning or the absence of thought silently when attempting this really explore where the mind wants to take you. Using Mookaite Jasper in this way can reveal unhealthy patterns of behaviour that may be slowing down your spiritual progress.

Give it time and return to this practice frequently and after a few sessions of this a pattern should emerge of what unhealthy behaviour patterns need to be worked on and how they are acting negatively in your life.

The stone pictured in this article is the same one we had in stock. It weighed over two and a half kilos and stood eighteen centimetres high. It really was a one of a kind. The piece we had in stock like all our crystals are unique. Keep checking the homepage and subscribe to our email list to avoid missing out on one of these spectacular fossils as we are adding new crystals and fossils all of the time. Don’t miss out on owning one these wonders of the natural world.  

Please note as with all of the crystal, mineral, fossils or healing stones sold on this site and as specified in the terms and conditions and the disclaimer that for the treatment for serious medical conditions it is advised that professional, conventional, medical advice be sought and followed.  

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  1. Just bought this really cool alien head mookaite. Naming it Kai & gonna carry it everywhere with me. I feel like a kid again with this stone

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